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Lin Shih pao

Thirty Year in Actions, Lifelong pursuit of the Dream

Below is Shihpao Lin's biography made by him and supporters to explain his lifelong work, and the messages behind each of his works.

Shihpao writes: "Dream is a force to move the human species; hence the evolution starts from a dream". Many of Shihpao's collaborative projects consist of paintings and sculptures, but his lifelong dream lies beyond completing two and three dimensional projects. Shihpao's lifelong dream has been to create a film that portrays the connection between human life and the arts, and to connect together his work and each person's boldest dreams.


Inspired by his own dreams and the dreams of others, many of Shihpao's pieces have a common theme of collecting numerous people's efforts into physical shape, including his One Million Pennies, Gate of Wisdom, Love Tree I and II, Pink Like Car, F1 Like Car, Hope, and his lifelong dream— The Dream Collection Project. 

When working on a project together, the volunteers and supporters are artists as well. To work towards the ultimate goal of a film that expresses the impact of each person's dreams on their life, and the way that these dreams encourage people to interact with one another to fulfill their dreams, Shihpao Lin continues to work together with others to drive the creativity of others and himself.




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